Burkebro is a steel company that provides services from design, engineering, fabrication and erection. A diversified and experienced company with office and workshop facilitys in Niagara and mobile welding equipment for onsite fabrication. We are highly skilled and certified specialists, dedicated to providing excellent service and quality while maintaining the highest standards in health and safety.



To solve problems and create value during the planning and execution of construction.

With our reputable team and investment in current technologies, we are motivated to help facilitate growth in the Canadian economy.

Our goal is to bring efficiencies to our clients and contractors through transparency, vision and trust. We provide support throughout a project, with safety being at the forefront of everything we do.

We are poised to help innovate and are committed to changing with the advent of new technologies. We invest in our human capital, are always open to partnering with people and companies that are on the cutting edge of innovation.  We are BURKEBRO, Building the Future 



Our new 20,000 square foot facility contains 4 overhead cranes with hook clearance of 25ft and 75,000lbs total capacity. 

Fitting and welding stations are efficiently set up for both production work, and one-off custom fabrication.

Multiple pieces of equipment allow us to fabricate and weld a variety of different products all under one roof.  

This versatility is what allows us to meet the demanding needs of our clients.

  • Plate rolling

  • Angle, beam and HSS roiling

  • Automatic saw cutting up to 30”

  • Sub arc welding

  • Heavy plate fabrication

  • UT welding

  • WWF beam fabrication.

Division 2 CWB and TSSA certifiedDivision

We believe in a philosophy of serving over selling to our clients, with your trust in us to get it done. 

We invite all types of projects in our doors wether it be construction, manufacturing, transportation etc.,  be it a one-off custom fabrication job, to multi-unit production work, we can can solve some of the most complicated engineering and fabrication challenges.



We come fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment and have certifications and insurance to safely and quickly complete your requirements.

Call our office and we will dispatch a mobile welder 1n an emergency situation or guaranteed in 24 hours. Our mobile teams bring extensive experience, efficiency and personable attitude to the job-site. 

For a one-off job in the wilds of the country side to large on-going projects downtown, our fleet of mobile welding trucks come tailored to your job site. 



On our larger on-going projects our site superintendents, some of the best and brightest trades men in the industry with thousands of hours of experience, Coordinate efforts between our shop, field and other trades in a system we have developed that mitigates challenges we come across everyday when installing components in the field. Our systems create efficiencies that will be gained on your job site in a safe, efficient manner. 



Our team of professionals use the most up-to-date 3d modelling software in the design that creates efficiencies in planning and production of a project.  With our project managers, engineers and fabricators collaborating at every stage allows challenges of fabrication and installation of structural components to be recognized so solutions can be acquired. We model and can produce pre visualization which offers virtual planning so solutions can be easily and cost effectively made.



Shipping products from plant to the job-site can be challenging, but with our in house trucking fleet last minute schedules changes and tight deadlines can be met. With the support from our suppliers and partnerships we can also handle any logistical problem, whether it be local or cross country.


General Contracting

In addition to our core business, our team of architects, engineers and project managers can take other challenges head on. We have access to many other reputable trades people including excavation, concrete formwork, steel fabrication, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and painting for small to medium sized residential and commercial builds. 

With the ability to digitally model all aspects of the build, we guarantee that projects come in on budget and on time. Our criteria for bringing our trades goes back over 10 years of locally serving small to medium builds in Southern Ontario.